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Topics & Events
Defense and Security
Development of A Weapon System
Development of western weapons
Development of Korean Traditional Weapons
Development of home country’s weapons
Clan society and the age of tribal nations (primitive history)
Global Trends and Forecasting
Analysis of Modern Weapon Systems.
Aviation, air defense weapons
National Defense Budget Standing
Military alliance and arrangement of the defense budget
Strategic sharing
Principle and prospect of the defense budget sharing
National Defense Budget Appropriation
Appropriation of national defense budget
National Defense Budget Sharing
Defense sharing of the American forces in Korea
Recommandation : Defense Economy.
Interview the President of WRO
Unified economic zones.

DMZ (Unified economic zones), What is the definition?
October 2008/October 2012. City Paju, Department of Defense, the National Assembly, the UN official suggested_UN WRO CITY (United Nations World Rehabilitation Organization & UN city) attracts_DMZ (Unified economic zones) Specify the request.
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Defense and Security
Acquisition and Resources
Development of Korean Traditional weapons
Global Trends and Forecasting
National Defense Budget Standing
Military alliance and arrangement of the defense budget
Cyber security
Trade and Economics
Defense Economy
Economics of National Defense
Grand Strategy
Supporting & Related Sites

UN WRO Headquater

[UN World Rehabilitation Organization] speech.

Google_World Rehabilitation Organization_ September 26, 2011. 66th UN General Assembly
[UN WRO] Town Building Plan announced

UN WRO will build UN City in Korea DMZ (De Milliterized Zone), UN WRO & United Nations urban(UN CITY) Bird's Eye View.

UN WRO Adopted 5G revolution

World Mobile Information and Communication IT Industry Cooperative SME configuration.

세계모바일 정보통신IT산업 중소기업협동조합 구성.

WORLD SGT SUBMIT GROUP. (WSSG)_Seagod Telecomm Korea (No: 214-88-35519) 169 countries, with a focus on SGT(Seagod Telecomm) establishedmultinational company promotion.
Around the world, mobile information and communication in the IT industry, "small parts" participation please. From around the world who wish to participate in Mobile Information and Communication SMEs in the IT industry, the brief business proposal Korea Seagod Telecomm should be sent to.
In the e-mail subject [ST] may be referred to.
In particular, the U.S. mobile telecommunications in the IT industry, 250,000 small parts are waiting participation.
where to send. Email:

WORLD SGT SUBMIT GROUP.(WSSG)_Seagod Telecomm Korea(No: 214-88-35519)을 중심으로 한 169개국 SGT(Seagod Telecomm) 다국적 기업 설립추진.

세계 각국의 모바일 정보통신 IT산업의 부품 중소기업들의 참여를 바랍니다. 세계 각국에서 참여를 희망하는 모바일 정보통신 IT산업의 중소기업은 간략한 사업제안서를 한국 Seagod Telecomm으로 보내주십시오.

이메일 제목에 [ST]라고 표기바랍니다. 특히, 미국의 모바일 정보통신 IT산업의 25만개 부품 중소기업들의 참여를 기다리고 있습니다.
보낼 곳. Email:

Reducing the 5GHz frequency band, all over the world.
5GHz 주파수대역, 세계 각국에 환원.

The nature of the universe that is derived from the ecosystem provided through mobile phone 5GHz frequency band of the complex modulation techniques, "the world's disaster fund".
Use full for the underprivileged around the world and global disasters and human space exploration and incurable diseases research.
All will return to the multinational companies (WSSG_WORLD SGT SUBMIT GROUP) will be established in the future, around the world, around the world in the form of welfare funds.

우주의 자연생태계에서 파생되는 모바일 폰 5GHz 주파수대역의 복합변조기술을 통하여 마련된 세계재난기금. 세계 각국의 소외된 계층과 지구재난 및 인류의 우주개발과 난치병연구 등에 전액 사용.
향후 설립될 다국적기업(WSSG_WORLD SGT SUBMIT GROUP)을 통해 세계 각국의 복지기금의 형태로 세계 각국에게 모두 돌려드릴 것입니다.

The underprivileged around the world and humanity's"World Disaster Fund" to be used mobile phone 5GHz frequency band.

세계 각국의 소외된 계층과 인류의 세계재난기금으로 사용될 모바일폰 5GHz 주파수대역.


5㎓ 주파수 대역 사업영역._국제항해선박장거리위치추적관리_RFID SYSTEM, UN ESCAP 아시아횡단철도(TAR_Trans-Asian Network) 차량관리 및 컨테이너관리_RFID SYSTEM, 세계 각국의 자동차 위성 네비게이션 관리_RFID SYSTEM, 세계 각국의 모바일 폰 관리 및 컴퓨터 내장하드관리_RFID SYSTEM, 세계 각국의 "사이버 페이스" 관리_RFID SYSTEM, 세계 각국의 물류운송관리_RFID SYSTEM, 등과 관련된 사업.

Maritime disaster._International long distance sailing ship location tracking.

5 GHz frequency band business area._International long distance sailing ship position tracking management_RFID System, UN ESCAP Trans-Asian railway vehicles and container-managed_RFID System, Around the world automotive satellite navigation management_RFID System, From around the world, mobile phones, Management, and computer internal hard Administration_RFID SYSTEM, From around the world, Cyber Face management_RFID system, Logistics around the world transportation management_RFID System, Related to business.

Jeju-Mara_"UN IMO, the International Sailing vessel location tracking (LRIT) Center Headquarters Korea"

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